What’s The Latest in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is defined as any procedure that is designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth. This can include a tooth implant, whitening, bonding, veneers or even the installment of braces used to improve the look of your teeth for a better smile. What was a $15 billion industry in 2020 is predicted to double by 2027 as the dental care industry continues to grow rapidly with the introduction of new trends and innovations.

Cosmetic procedures for dentistry have changed over the course of the pandemic as people are more interested in looking their best and now have the time, money and patience to invest in dental care with work-from-home options. We have found that patients are opting for more non-invasive treatments to offer subtle yet natural changes to their natural teeth. An example of this would be treatments such as bonding and Invisalign used to replace procedures such as veneers, to improve their existing and natural teeth.

With the introduction of cutting-edge technology, it has become easier for dentists to communicate with their patients and provide alternatives for the best oral hygiene. Patients are now able to envision how they will look with a smile makeover using 3D printing software without imposing irreversible damage to any natural teeth. As dentists, it is important that we use approaches that will preserve the tooth to provide long-lasting results to our patients.

As leading dentistry in Toronto, we believe that many of our patients are also seeing the benefits of such procedures hence the changes in current trends in dentistry.

Top Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Braces and Aligners

In the more recent years with the ‘Zoom boom’, following the pandemic, patients are more interested in using braces to realign their teeth for the perfect smile. Although this can be done the traditional way with metal braces, many patients are choosing to use the clear aligner solution, such as Invisalign to restructure their teeth without the appearance of metal.

braces and aligners

Teeth Whitening

Perhaps due to celebrity culture or even the pandemic, many of our patients have shown a great interest in whitening their teeth for perfect pearly whites. This treatment is completely non-invasive and leaves you with results that will have you feeling more confident when showing your smile. We want to stress the importance of undergoing this treatment with a qualified dentist to ensure optimal results.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic tooth bonding can help you to achieve the beautiful smile you have been after. The procedure involves applying a custom composite resin to your teeth that can protect the roots and repair any gaps between your teeth, chipped, cracked or irregularly shaped teeth, discoloration and decay of your teeth. Bonding has become more popular than veneers as it is more cost-effective and doesn’t require shaving down the tooth enamel. It is also used as the third part of braces and whitening to effectively improve the colour and align your smile that much better. (see before and after tooth bonding photos )

3D Printing

3D printing within the dentistry industry is becoming more popular and mainstream as it speeds the process of creating teeth models, custom dentures, crowns and clear aligners for the patient as well as effectively guiding the dentist through dental surgery procedures. This process will allow dentists to complete procedures faster and will benefit the industry as dentists will have access to 3D printed materials at lower costs.

Laser Dentistry

The use of lasers in the industry of dentistry is expected to grow within the next few years. Laser dentistry can have a positive effect on the industry as it could replace the traditional drill for removing or reshaping tissue, repairing fillings, removing cavities and accelerating tooth whitening procedures for patients. Laser dentistry will make these procedures less invasive and less painful than the traditional procedure alongside lesser bleeding and faster healing. Studies also show the use of lasers in dentistry can reduce the risk of infection within the teeth and gums which makes it a fantastic choice for many dentists and their patients.

At Art of Dentistry, we offer Laser Gum treatments to eliminate bacteria that cause gum disease in the mouth as well as clean the teeth below the gum line using scaling and root planning techniques to enhance the appearance of your smile. We also use the treatment to perform gum lifts which permanently remove excess gum tissue to create a more attractive frame for your natural teeth. With the use of lasers, we are able to reduce the need for anesthesia, reduce pain and bleeding during the treatment and promote faster healing following the procedure.

laser dentistry

Natural Hygiene Products

In recent years, with climate changes, many patients are more cautious with the type of products they are using outside of the dentist, in their every oral hygiene routine. Reports show that over 60% of patients find importance in purchasing natural care products such as vegan sugar-free toothpaste or bamboo toothbrushes to avoid the use of artificial products. Another choice for maintaining oral health is the use of oral probiotics which can help to prevent periodontal disease, halitosis and cavities. During cosmetic dental procedures, some patients may wish to apply natural solutions which dentists can adapt and use accordingly.

Our patients at Art of Dentistry can feel safe and secure knowing that the Art of Dentistry keeps up to date with the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry. We continuously immerse our clinic into new and advanced trends and technologies to learn how we can best treat our clients with issues in their oral hygiene or teeth appearance.

If you are interested in learning how we can address your dental concerns and restore your beautiful smile, give us a call today to book your free consultation with one of our expert dentists!