What is Invisalign?

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth but the thought of traditional braces with metal wires is making you hesitant? Invisalign might be the solution for you.

Invisalign is the name of a clear aligner that was introduced into the dentistry industry back in 1998 by Align Technology and has since become an increasingly popular solution for many patients who would like to straighten crooked teeth, realign spaced teeth and correct moderate or mild bite issues. Since 1998, many more companies have created their variation of Invisalign where clear aligners have become the most common alternative to traditional braces with a number of benefits. Although clear aligners can be a little more expensive than traditional braces, they are most definitely worth getting.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a great way to get the smile that you have always wanted without having to compromise your lifestyle and comfort. They are described as a custom-made plastic aligner that is less conspicuous and a better, removable alternative to traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment that can resolve many issues including

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth and more

With clear aligners, you can reduce any risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease as well as improve your overall hygiene and the support of your teeth. When your teeth fit together properly, you can also avoid further issues involving breaking, chipping or wearing away of the teeth.

We recommend visiting an accredited and licensed dentist for your Invisalign aligners. Although there are manufacturers in DIY orthodontics, it is always best advised to seek specialist advice and aligners from a licensed medical professional.


Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign, or clear aligners, offer a number of benefits. You can expect to complete your series of Invisalign in up to nine months although this could take longer, depending on your alignment needs. Before you go ahead with your treatment, we can give you virtual results for how your smile and teeth will look once the treatment is complete. This way, you won’t go into the treatment blindly and know exactly what to expect by the end of it.

Here are some of the reasons our patients at Art of Dentistry are choosing Invisalign.


Traditional metal braces can make it extremely difficult to talk and hard to enjoy your meals, especially after they have been tightened. As Invisalign aligns your teeth, you are fully flexible and free to continue eating the foods you love while practicing proper oral care as they are completely removable.


One of the greatest reasons for people choosing a clear aligner such as Invisalign is how it looks when speaking or smiling at others. Many people would rather choose clear aligners as they do not want to be seen with teeth that are aligned with metal braces. Although Invisalign is not completely invisible, a high percentage of our patients prefer the aesthetic of a clear aligner that can hardly be seen versus a traditional one.


Metal braces can be painful and cause headaches, especially after they have been tightened. They can even rub against your cheeks which can feel extremely uncomfortable and sensitive. Invisalign, or clear aligners, are made for comfort and impose no pain. The texture of these aligners feels almost identical to your own teeth and as mentioned before, they are completely removable so you can enjoy your favourite meals without any hassle.

Easy to Clean Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth with metal braces can be time-consuming and burdensome where you will need to maneuver around the wires with your toothbrush or floss to target certain areas of each tooth. This can increase plaque buildup which may stain your teeth and wear away their natural enamel. Thankfully, with clear aligners, or Invisalign, you can clean your teeth with ease and fight against tooth decay with proper care.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist

It goes without saying that having traditional braces means that you will need to regularly visit the orthodontist clinic or dentist’s office to have your braces tightened. When you opt for a clear aligner, you won’t need to worry about visiting your dentist regularly as you will be provided with custom-made aligners, months ahead of time. These will still help to shape your teeth accordingly and should be changed every two weeks.

traditional braces

Boost Your Confidence

Hardly anyone will notice that you have the Invisalign aligners so you won’t feel shy or embarrassed about smiling and having braces. Once you have completed the entire series of Invisalign, you will feel like a new person. You may even want to show off your teeth and probably won’t want to stop smiling ever again! Invisalign helps you to get your smile into the exact shape you want. This will play a key role in your confidence and overall self-esteem.

If you would like to take the next step in correcting your smile, give us a call today to find out how Invisalign could help you!