The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

Toronto Dental Exams – Why They Are Important

At the Art of Dentistry, we offer a full range of advanced restorative dentistry treatments for those patients whose mouths are affected by gum disease, badly damaged teeth, missing teeth and other oral health problems. While these treatments can give patients a second chance at having mouths full of healthy, functional, aesthetically pleasing teeth, it is always preferable to prevent serious oral health issues from occurring to begin with. This is why we encourage patients to have their mouths examined and their teeth professionally cleaned every six months, and to schedule appointments immediately at the first sign of developing problems.

At our cosmetic and general dental practice in Toronto, dental exams enable us to preserve our patients’ oral health while identifying and treating potential problems in their earliest stages, when they are most easily dealt with. Ultimately, regular dental exams help to save patients the pain, time, and money associated with treating serious oral health problems such as root canal infections, gum disease, and advanced tooth decay.

The Many Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

At the Art of Dentistry, we have invested in the finest, most effective diagnostic technologies to ensure that our patients are able to enjoy all of the benefits offered by regular dental exams. These benefits include:

  • Excellent gum health – Did you know that gum disease is the most common disease among adults in the United States, affecting roughly 75 percent of all people aged 18 and older? This is partly because gum disease does not exhibit clear symptoms in its earliest stages. Regular dental exams allow patients to maintain the health of the gums and eradicate the bacteria that can lead to gum disease before matters worsen.
  • Early detection of oral health problems – Sometimes a tooth can seem perfectly healthy even though an underlying problem is beginning to develop, one that cannot be detected by the human eye. Our diagnostic tools allow us to identify such problems and treat them before they have the opportunity to develop into something that requires a more expensive and invasive solution.
  • Early identification of tissue abnormalities – If caught early enough, oral cancer is one of the most easily and successfully treated of all cancers. Often, oral cancer develops out of abnormal pre-cancerous tissues that can only be identified through professional screening. If addressed at this early stage, cancer can often be prevented or nipped swiftly in the bud, with little to no disruption of the patient’s life.
  • Self-confidence and peace of mind – How do you feel when you go to your physician for a check-up and leave with a clean bill of health? Pretty great, right? Regular dental exams can give you that same feeling of assurance, knowing that you are in great oral health and that, whatever problems you might have, are being dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Whatever the state of your oral health, you can benefit from having your mouth examined by our team of dental professionals. To schedule your initial appointment at the Art of Dentistry, we urge you to contact our practice today.

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