The Cost Of Laser Gum Treatment In Toronto

The cost of laser gum treatment in Toronto – or anywhere – depends on several factors. If this is a procedure you are considering, the first thing you should understand is how and why laser gum treatment is done.

What Is Laser Gum Treatment?

Before the advent of laser dentistry, many oral complaints, such as severe gum disease, had to be treated surgically. This meant cutting and stitching, post-operative bleeding, and a lengthy recovery time. Laser gum treatment offers superior results with very little of the discomfort and inconvenience.

The laser is directed through a hollow tube onto targeted areas of the gums that need treatment. Advantages are a high degree of accuracy and precision, less invasiveness as no stitches are required, and a much shorter recovery time.

Post-procedural bleeding is virtually eliminated, and you can get back to your regular daily activities as early as the following day. Patients with severe gum conditions that require traditional surgery often complete their treatment with a laser touch-up procedure.

Why Get Laser Gum Treatment?

It is estimated that up to 70% of Canadians have some degree of periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease. This is a progressive condition that gets worse over time without effective treatment.

Studies have revealed a clear link between gum disease and several health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. In addition, gum disease results in varying amounts of oral bleeding and inflammation, dental decay, and a receding gum line.

Laser gum treatment is a safe, effective and painless way of treating gum disease and giving you back your beautiful smile. The sooner it is done, the less it is likely to cost.


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What Laser Gum Treatments Are Available?

Laser dentistry is a rapidly evolving field, with exciting new technologies being developed and perfected all the time. There is a wide range of dental laser treatments available, and each one comes with its own set of costs. The most common laser gum treatments include the following:


Gingivitis is the bleeding and inflammation that occurs when plaque deposits build up on the gum line. Over time, the gums swell to the point of covering the bottom part of the teeth, making it difficult to brush and floss.

As plaque continues to build, the gum disease get progressively worse. This can be treated by way of a gingivectomy, where a laser is used to cut away the excess gum tissue to reveal the teeth beneath.

Gingival Flap Surgery

If you have more advanced gum disease that has resulted in deep pockets of periodontal bleeding and inflammation, you may be a candidate for this procedure.

The dentist uses a laser to cut gum tissue away from the teeth and then remove the plaque and tartar buildups in the areas surrounding the teeth.


In some cases of advanced gum disease, the tissue on the gum line is too unhealthy to be salvaged. If this is the case, the dentist can use a laser to remove the diseased tissue, and transplant healthy tissue from another area of the mouth.

Gum correction surgery with laser

Is Laser Gum Treatment A Good Option For Me?

There are very few dental patients who cannot benefit from laser gum surgery. Generally, if you are healthy and do not have pre-existing dental complications, laser gum treatment is a viable option for you.

In rare instances, if the gum disease is extremely advanced, the dentist may recommend traditional surgery followed by a laser touch-up after recovery.

Most people recover from laser gum treatment quickly and relatively painlessly. Those who have healthy bones and few cavities may recover slightly more quickly.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Laser Gum Treatment?

Like most dental treatments, the cost of laser gum treatment in Toronto differ from one person to the next. We all have unique dental needs and challenges, and any procedure like this has to be customized for each individual.

Therefore, your cost for laser gum treatment may be vastly different to the costs paid by the next person who comes in.

Factors that affect the cost of laser gum treatment include the following:

  • The area of gum line requiring treatment
  • The degree of severity of gum disease
  • The specific procedure that is being performed
  • The presence of coexisting conditions or complications relating to the teeth, gums or jawline
  • Whether the patient has any health considerations, such as poor bone density
  • The number of treatments that will be required
  • The practitioner’s level of skill and experience

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Laser Gum Treatment In Toronto?

Some insurance plans may cover the cost of laser gum treatment in Toronto, in full or in part. Generally, dental procedures that are deemed to be cosmetic are not covered by insurance.

If the treatment is necessary from a dental health perspective, your insurance plan may only cover the least expensive option. It is important to consult your insurance provider prior to committing to the treatment.

Ask Us About Our Financing Options

At The Art Of Dentistry, we aim to make laser gum treatment accessible to as many Toronto residents as we can.

We understand that many people cannot afford to pay the full treatment cost in one installment, and we will work with you on a financing plan that will suit your budget.


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