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Implant-supported Dentures: Providing Greater Stability and Improved Function

Missing teeth can draw unwanted attention to your smile, impact your ability to chew and speak, and compromise your oral health. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, dentures can restore the form and function of your smile. While traditional dentures rest on the gums, held in place with a combination of suction and mild adhesive, implant-supported dentures are secured directly to the jaw bone. Implant-supported dentures offer many advantages, including increased stability, greater long-term benefits, and a more precise fit. During your consultation with Dr. Sol Weiss, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of incorporating implant-supported dentures into your restoration plan. Please contact our Toronto, ON, practice to schedule a consultation.

What are Implant-supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures consist of prosthetic teeth that attach to implants, which are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded in the jaw. Each implant post fuses with the bone tissue during a process called osseointegration, providing the stability of a natural tooth root. Implant-supported dentures can replace a few teeth or an entire dental arch. Some implant-supported dentures are removable, while others can only be removed by a dentist during routine cleanings.

Am I a Candidate for Implant-supported Dentures?

Dr. Weiss will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine if implant-supported dentures are right for you. If you are missing a large number of teeth and do not suffer from conditions that make surgery unsafe, you are likely a good candidate. Other requirements for dental implants include healthy gums, abstinence from smoking, and overall good oral health.

What Does the Treatment Process Involve?

Dr. Weiss’ practice is unique because he performs every stage of implant treatment, including planning, surgery, and restoration. The process begins with the treatment of existing dental issues, which could require tooth extraction, gum grafts, or bone grafts, depending on your needs. Dr. Weiss will then surgically place your implants into your jaw bone. The implants will fuse with your natural tissue over the course of three to six months. Once healing is complete, Dr. Weiss will connect an abutment to the implant, which serves as the point of connection with your dentures. He will take impressions of your gums, implants, and any surrounding teeth, which will guide our technicians as they create your dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures offer many benefits over traditional restorations:

  • Cosmetic benefits  – Implant-supported dentures rest snugly against the gums for a lifelike appearance. If gaps in your smile make you feel self-conscious, implant-supported dentures can restore your confidence.
  • Functional benefits –  Speaking, smiling, and chewing are easier with implant-supported dentures, which are custom crafted for a precise fit. They provide greater stability than traditional dentures. Traditional denture wearers may have to avoid foods that are crunchy, tough, or chewy. Implant-supported dentures allow you to continue eating all of your favorite foods. Meanwhile, implant-supported dentures make it much easier to enunciate, and will not slip out of place while you speak.
  • Health benefits – Dental implants strengthen your jaw bone, which atrophies in the absence of tooth roots or implants.
  • Long-term benefits – Implant-supported dentures are a good long-term investment because with proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime. Although the dentures may require replacing at some point, implants are extremely durable. Dental implants are the only restorative solution that can halt jaw atrophy. Traditional dentures require adjustments as the jaw degenerates. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, require few, if any, adjustments.

How Can I Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about how implant-supported dentures can restore your smile, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weiss. During your consultation, Dr. Weiss will take all the time necessary to further explain the advantages of implant-supported dentures.