Restorative Dental Care to Repair Dental Damage and Dental Abfractions

Dental Damage and Dental Abfractions – Toronto, ON

Illustration of a normal tooth vs. one with an abfractionAt his cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Sol Weiss helps patients address cosmetic dental flaws so they can enjoy a beautiful smile. But a beautiful smile can’t be maintained if the patient is affected by poor oral health. That is why Dr. Weiss offers a comprehensive range of restorative dentistry treatments to repair dental damage and strengthen the teeth. These treatments can address a range of oral health problems, including dental abfractions.

Dr. Weiss is happy to offer treatment for dental damage and dental abfractions to his Toronto, ON patients, as it allows them to benefit from a strong, healthy, and fully functional smile.

What Are Dental Abractions?

Dental abfractions are a unique form of dental damage. Abfractions are small notches that form at the base of a tooth, near the roots and gum line, when healthy tooth enamel is damaged. Dental abfractions are unique from other types of dental damage because of their location and causes.

The most common cause of dental abfractions is repeated force applied to the teeth; this causes them to bend slightly near the gum line. Causes of dental abfractions include malocclusion, which results in an uneven distribution of force; and bruxism, which results in habitual grinding or clenching of the teeth.

Treating Dental Abfractions

Although dental abfractions differ from other forms of dental damage in their cause and formation, the treatments are similar to those performed for other types of dental damage. The goal of abfraction treatment is to replace any tooth enamel that has been lost to damage, and restore a protective barrier around the roots and pulp of the tooth. Abfraction treatment strengthens the damaged tooth to improve oral comfort and functions, and protects the delicate nerves and roots so that an infection does not develop.

The most common way of repairing a dental abfraction is by applying a tooth-colored bonding compound to the area of damage. This material is the same one that is used for tooth-colored fillings. The compound is applied directly to the tooth and shaped so that it restores the structure of the tooth comfortably and naturally. Once the compound has been placed, a special dental light is used to harden the material. The tooth-colored compound bonds to the tooth, which further increases its strength.

Additional Treatment

When Dr. Weiss treats dental abfractions, he believes it is important to address any problem that may have contributed to the problem to begin with. If malocclusion is the cause of the abfraction, he will likely recommend orthodontic treatment to improve the position of the patient’s bite. Patients who are suffering from bruxism can benefit from a custom mouthguard, which will prevent the patient from grinding and clenching the teeth while sleeping. These additional treatments will be based on each patient’s unique needs and will be discussed in further detail at the time of treatment.

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Whether you are looking to preserve oral health, improve the strength of your teeth, or enhance the beauty of your smile, Dr. Sol Weiss offers dental treatments that will help you reach your goal. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about our comprehensive range of dental services.

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