How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

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The cost of dental implants has different price determinants. That’s the reason it’s not fixed. Getting dental implants in Toronto can cost from $1500 to $6000. Mostly, the amount of money you’ll spend depends on the type of implant you get.

It’s not advisable to delay before going in for a dental implant. Doing so can be detrimental to your general oral health. It can also affect your speech and self-esteem. If you have an extracted tooth, don’t waste any more time getting a dental implant.

This article will serve as a price guide for dental implants. You’ll get information that’ll help you narrow down your expenses when getting the implant. Also, we’ll shed more light on dental implants. This way, you can understand why they’re a great choice for you.

About Dental Implants

One of the ways to replace missing dentition is through dental implants. It’s an alternative to other processes like <ahref=”” rel=”nofollow”>bridging, complete denture or partials. Dental implants are used to support replacement teeth.

Dental implantation involves using titanium metal to create an artificial root. The dentist will fix an artificial root on your jawbone to replace the natural root of the tooth. After this step, your dental expert will place the replacement tooth in the artificial root. The implant will then serve as the base for artificial teeth crowns.

The implant also functions as an anchor by holding the artificial replacement tooth in place. To get the right treatment, your dentist may sometimes refer you to an implant specialist. These specialists are well trained in that particular field. As such, they’ll provide you with a better level of treatment.

Dental Implant Procedure: A Step-by-Step

The procedure to get dental implants follows a three-step process.

Consultation and Examination

A specialist will have to carry out a thorough examination of your mouth. The specialist needs to ascertain if a dental implant is the right treatment for you. X-rays will be carried out on your jaw, teeth and head for confirmation.

Here, your dentist will determine if you need bone grafting or not. This can increase the cost of dental implants for you.



The surgery stage is divided into two. In the first stage, your dentist will affix a dental implant to your jawbone. It’ll be fixed right under your gum’s tissue. The gum tissue will be sutured by the specialist.

For the second stage to commence, the sutured tissue needs to heal. Afterwards, the implant will be attached to the abutment. An abutment connects the artificial replacement tooth to the implant. In some cases, it’s possible to do the second stage immediately after the first.

Follow Up

Most dentists wait up to three months after the surgery before finally restoring the tooth. Restoring the tooth implies properly fitting the replacement tooth.

Your dental professional needs to fix the tooth on the abutment. For this to happen successfully, you may end up needing a series of follow-up appointments.

Cost of Dental Implants and Factors Affecting Them

The cost of dental implants ranges between $1000 and $6000 in Canada. Sometimes, it may even go higher than $6000.

Typically, how much you end up paying for dental implants will differ from your neighbour’s bill. Here’s why:

There are two major procedures for dental implants. They’re namely endosteal and subperiosteal implants. The type of procedure you choose can directly affect your budget.

Endosteal Implant

This is a better option for young, healthy and vibrant people. It’s because it involves screwing the implant directly to the jaw bone. This procedure will have the specialist looking into details like your jaw size, your ridge, your bone capacity and vitality. You’ll likely be charged extra bucks for the examination.

Subperiosteal Implant

It’s mostly used by older patients. It’s advisable for people with weak skulls and jawbones to go with this method. They may be at risk of inflammation even when all operation protocols are observed.

This type of implant is placed beneath the gum, situated and fastened to the jawbone. Sometimes, it’s positioned directly above the jawbone.

Note that the pricing of dental implants will increase if there are complications. As such, most dental professionals take precautionary steps before the procedure. This can increase the overall cost of your dental implant procedure.


Two types of material are used for dental implants. They’re Titanium and Zirconia. Your choice of materials can affect how much you’ll end up paying for the implant.


This material has application outside of dental implants. It’s also useful for bone surgeries and reconstruction. It’s because the human body accepts it as a “member” of the bone structure easily.

As a result, your bone develops easily around titanium. It’s the reason titanium is more common than zirconia.



Zirconia is less costly than titanium because it’s quite new. Unlike titanium, specialists carve out teeth from the implant using zirconia. Additional material isn’t used so it’s cheaper than titanium. To cap it off, it’s just as safe as titanium.

The Dentists

Just like every other sector, some professionals charge higher than others for the same services. Visiting private professionals will cost more than a dentist in a public facility. Similarly, some dentists also offer price reductions and discounts.

When selecting a dental professional for your procedure, choose well-trained experts who know what they’re doing. Don’t patronize quacks in a bid to get a cheaper service. You’ll end up regretting it.


It’s a given that different geographical locations have their effect on the prices of things. Likewise, the cost of dental implants varies from place to place.  Averagely, the cost to get dental treatment in Toronto is between $900 to $4000. Outside of Toronto, you may end up paying less for dental implants.

The pricing of dental implants is inconsistent due to some location-induced factors. They include:

  • Population
  • The economy of the region
  • Competitors
  • The popularity of the business

Many Canadians travel outside the country to get dental implants. It’s termed dental tourism. It involves making arrangements to travel to other countries to get their implants done.

The cost of dental implants is about $800 in countries like Costa Rica and Mexico. While it seems like a good idea, it also has its negative side. Failure to research properly on the dentist treating you can be consequential. You may end up getting implants with substandard materials.

Paying For Dental Implants

The high cost of dental implants means not everyone can pay by themselves. You can access loans from family and friends or commercial institutions. It may be a full or a half loan.

On your own, try to save at least 60% of the cost for the implant. It’ll make repayment easier for you. Whichever loan package you choose, get a good repayment package that suits your pocket.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

When getting insurance, note that basic packages don’t cover dental implants. You have to make specific inquiries about cosmetic dental coverage. This package will most likely cover a part of your dental implant cost.

In most cases, it may cover up to 50% of the procedure. Comprehensive medical insurance may also cover dental procedures. Although, it’s based on your agreement with your insurer. Check with them to get a package that covers dental implants.

Is The Cost Of Dental Implants Worth It?

Investing in your health is good business. No amount of money is too much money for your health. We think spending your money on dental implants is certainly worth it.

However, to better ascertain if the cost of a dental implant is worth it, take a look at some of the benefits you can expect:

Improved Self Esteem

Dental implants improve your self-esteem. It makes you smile freely again and smiling makes you feel better about yourself. Dentures can give you a funny look when you smile. This affects your gestures in public as you’ll try not to smile to avoid embarrassment.

Your speech is better with dental implants. Contrastingly, dentures cause your words to slur because their fittings may slip. That’ll make you avoid public activities and that’s not good for your self-esteem.

Another way dental implants boost your self-esteem is your appearance. Unlike implants, dentures can be unsightly and obvious. Implants look like your natural teeth. You’ll be more confident in public because implants don’t need braces to function.

Oral Health

Dental implants are beneficial to your oral health. They’re better because you don’t have to cut or sharpen other teeth to install them.

Other teeth don’t need to be tampered with to have a dental implant. Since your teeth remain intact, it improves your oral health. It’s one of the major results of getting dental implants.


Dental implants last for at least 30 years and above. With proper care, dental implants can even last you a lifetime. They’re quite durable due to the material used for the process (titanium).

Risk of Not Getting a Dental Implant

You should get a dental implant immediately. Failure to do so will result in the immediate deterioration of the tissue in the extraction spot. This results in a misalignment of the teeth. Also, their positions will begin to change.

If this happens, you’ll need a bone graft to realign them and this leads to more expenses. This additional expense can simply be avoided by acting on time.

The longer you delay getting an implant the more difficult it becomes to place the implant. It becomes difficult because the harder part of your bone starts to soften.

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The average price of dental implants in Canada is $3000. A full mouth implant for your dentition can cost way up to $50,000. The exact amount you’ll have to pay depends on factors like the position of the tooth and your choice of dentist.

The cost of dental implants is definitely worth it. If you’ve not made plans to get an implant, it’s important you start now.

Delay in starting the procedure adversely affects your dentition. It can also lead to extra expenses due to possible complications.

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