How Can I Prevent Tooth Decay and Keep My Smile Bright?

Tooth decay comes with a lot of pain and tooth tenderness. You can’t eat your favourite meals. The pain starts to interfere with your work and personal life.

Most times, this oral disease is a result of poor oral health and negligence.

This article will show you what you’re doing wrong and how to change your oral practices to avoid tooth decay.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Preventing tooth decay requires a lot of discipline. You’ll have to cut down on some of your meals and maintain consistency with oral care activities.

Here’s how to prevent tooth decay;

Brush Frequently

Brushing your teeth daily is the best dental care tip to prevent cavities and subsequent tooth decay. However, brushing once every day isn’t enough.

According to experts, it’s better to brush two times daily — before and after meals. However, brushing after every meal is better because you can remove all particles before they become a problem.

Brushing shouldn’t last up to three minutes – just try to reach every spot gently within two minutes. Also, the toothpaste you use while brushing should contain fluoride, as it helps fight cavities before they form.

Use Dental Floss

Food causes tooth decay by hanging between the tiny spaces between your teeth. Most toothbrushes can only brush the top and surface of the teeth but can’t reach these holes. That’s why you need to add flossing to your general oral practice.

Dental floss is a small string that gets in between these holes, removing any particles stuck in the groove. Dental flossing ensures that no food items remain after you have brushed. It’s always better to floss after eating all your meals daily, usually at night.

It’s always better to use a floss recommended by a tooth decay dentist for more effectiveness.

Change Your Diet

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to change your diet to a healthy one. However, it is usually the hardest activity to take on.

Meals filled with sugar and starch are great for the harmful bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria feed on starchy foods to get strength and cause tooth decay. Likewise, sticky foods that stay in between your teeth are also culprits.

The foods to cut down in your quest to prevent tooth decay and keep a bright smile include

  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Energy and fruit drinks
  • Sodas

This step is usually the most challenging, but it’s the best way to prevent tooth decay.

energy and fruit drinks

Drink Water Frequently

Cutting down on your favourite meals is a daunting task. You’ll require a lot of discipline to eat less starchy and sugary foods. It’s always better to start reducing meal consumption gradually for more effectiveness.

However, while you’re at it, remember to drink plenty of water after eating any meal. Water helps you stay hydrated and is the best liquid for your teeth.

No amount of water is too much for your daily consumption. At least, you should finish around twelve cups of water every day. It’s even better if you can do more.

When you drink water after a meal, a lot of the food particles can’t get stuck between the gums. Moreso, staying hydrated helps you with saliva production, resulting in better health.

Chew Sugar-free Gums

If you’ve never had a tooth decay issue, your saliva is one of the compounds helping you maintain a healthy smile.

Saliva is the mouth’s first line of defence against tooth decay. When meals get stuck in between the meals, saliva helps flush these particles out naturally.

When your body’s hydration level is low, the salivary glands will struggle to produce enough saliva. This situation leads to mouth dryness, putting your teeth at risk of decay.

Staying hydrated helps, but chewing gum quickens the production of saliva in your mouth. According to preliminary research, chewing gums without sugar can provide additional minerals to the outermost part of your teeth.

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chew sugar-free gums

Incorporate Mouthwash into Dental Care Routine

Another effective way to prevent tooth decay is rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. Again, the mouthwash you use must contain fluoride, as it helps combat the acids formed by bacteria.

Rinsing once after eating all meals is enough to do the job. Remember to seek your dentist’s advice before choosing any mouthwash. They may also better understand other fluoride supplements you can use.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is present in dairy products like milk and yogurt. It extracts minerals like phosphate and calcium from dairy, providing them to the teeth.

These minerals strengthen the teeth and defend them against plaque that causes tooth decay.

Getting enough vitamin D is good nutrition for your dental health. You can get it naturally from the sun, yogurts, and supplements.

Get Closer to Your Dentist

If you’re looking to avoid tooth decay in your lifetime, your best bet is to visit your dentist frequently. Register with a trusted dentist, and stay true to your dental appointments. Feel free to consult the dentist on any matters regarding your teeth.

A dentist will always share personal advice to prevent tooth decay based on your previous oral history and current teeth status. You also focus more on your oral health when you have a personal dentist who holds you accountable.

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get closer to your dentist

Keep Your Smile Bright with Regular Dental Care

Early detection and frequent checks are the best ways to combat tooth decay. You can only ensure the best oral health when you visit your dentist regularly.

At Art of Dentistry, our experienced dental professionals are ready to take your oral health seriously, guiding you to the right practices. You can visit our dental office for consultation and treatment if you start to notice any signs of tooth decay and dental cavities.