Gapped Teeth: What Are My Treatment Options?

Treatment for Gapped Teeth – Toronto

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We’ve received a number of questions about tooth gaps and spacing issues at the practice as of late. Let’s take a moment to go over the basic problems related to tooth gaps and how this issue can be dealt with.

Tooth Gaps Cause Cosmetic Problems

If you have gaps between your teeth, they can cause a number of aesthetic problems. For one, tooth gaps can make you feel self-conscious about smiling, speaking, or laughing, even around people that you’ve known for years. The gaps can also throw off the balance of your smile.

Tooth Gaps Can Also Cause Dental Health Issues

Tooth gaps may also be a consequence of dental misalignment, sometimes of a significant degree. When teeth are misaligned, this can make your bite less efficient and even lead to teeth grinding or TMJ disorders.

Given the cosmetic and health problems related to tooth gaps, it’s a good thing that there are different treatments out there that can help address these matters.

Dental Bonding for Very Minor Gaps

If you have very minor issues with gaps and spaces between your teeth, one of the best treatment options available is dental bonding. Also known as tooth bonding, dental bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored resin directly onto the teeth. This resin will help fill in very minor spaces between teeth, helping you smile look its absolute best. Dental bonding is also a good treatment option for minor chips and cracks and serious dental stains.

Porcelain Veneers for Small Spacing Issues

If dental bonding is not an ideal option for treating the cosmetic flaws of your smile, another option to consider is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are affixed to the fronts of your teeth. These tooth-colored shells blend in seamlessly with natural tooth structure and help mask flaws from view. With regard to gaps, a porcelain veneer can help improve the size and shape of a tooth, filling the gap and improving overall smile appearance.

Dental Crowns for Serious Spaces

For more serious spacing issues, a dental crown may be a good idea. Typically used to cap a tooth that is seriously damaged or decayed, a dental crown can be used to help alter the size of a tooth. The crown can help fill in major spaces and help a tooth look well-sized and symmetrical in the smile.

Orthodontic Care for Poor Dental Alignment

If you have significant issues with tooth gaps as well as other kinds of spacing issues, the best option to consider is typically orthodontic care. The use of braces or an effective alternative to braces can hep adjust the alignment of your teeth, gradually repositioning the teeth along the dental arch and making your smile look perfect.

Which treatment option is right for me?

The extent and nature of your spacing issues will determine the ideal treatment option. During your consultation at the practice, we’ll be more than happy to go over all of these matters with you in much greater detail.

Learn More About Treating Tooth Gaps

For more information about treating tooth gaps what options are most ideal for you and your needs, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The team at The Art of Dentistry will help you have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible.

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