Dental Care for Teens

Dental Care for Teens – Toronto

As children reach their teenage years, dental needs change too. It’s during the teen years that most kids become sensitive to their own appearance, including the appearance of their smiles. Toronto dentist Sol Weiss understands the importance of providing aesthetically pleasing dental treatments to all patients, especially teens. Dr. Weiss offers restorative dentistry treatments to repair dental damage while restoring the appearance of his patient’s smiles. Read on to learn more about dental care for teens.

Dental Care Tips for Teens

Dental care is important at every age, but especially during the teen years when sugary sodas and junk foods are more likely to be a part of a teen’s diet. Teens should be taking more responsibility for their own oral hygiene as they grow into adults. Setting teens up for a lifetime of good oral health begins with establishing proper dental care habits, such as:

  • Use proper brushing techniques: Teens may feel compelled to rush through brushing their teeth, but they should be spending at least two full minutes brushing their teeth at least twice a day. They should also use proper brushing techniques, like brushing at a 45-degree angle, using small strokes, and thoroughly brushing all sides of the teeth.
  • Floss daily: Flossing is just as important as brushing the teeth and should be done at least once a day, every day. Flossing helps reduce the risk of gum disease by removing plaque and food remnants between the teeth and along the gum line where brushing can’t reach.
  • Limit soft drinks and sugary foods: Soft drinks are often high in sugar and acid, which is extremely harmful for the teeth and can lead to tooth decay. Teens should limit their consumption of sugary drinks and foods to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Rinsing the mouth with water after drinking sodas or eating sweets can neutralize acids and rinse away some sugars, helping to reduce the damaging effects of sugary foods and drinks between brushings.
  • Wear a mouth guard while playing sports: Sports-related dental injuries are common among athletic teens, sometimes resulting in tooth loss. Wearing a mouth guard while playing sports can help protect the teeth from injury.
  • Don’t skip regular dental exams and cleanings: Teens and adults should see their dentist at least once every six months for a general exam and cleanings. Regular dental exams are vital for catching dental damage at its earliest stages and professional cleanings are useful for removing plaque and tartar buildup, which often develops despite proper home care.

Dental Treatments for Teens

When it comes to treating teen dental issues, aesthetics are a top concern. While there are many treatments available to correct teen dental issues, here are just a few treatments teens may benefit from:

  • Tooth-colored fillings: Tooth-colored fillings blend with the surrounding tooth, offering aesthetically pleasing treatment for tooth decay.
  • Porcelain crowns: Teens with teeth weakened by large fillings or dental fractures, whether from injury or decay, can benefit from porcelain dental crowns. Porcelain crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that fit over a damaged tooth to restore function and appearance.
  • Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment is common for teen patients, but traditional metal braces aren’t the only option. Dr. Weiss offers Invisalign® treatment to discreetly straighten the teeth without the pain or embarrassment of metal braces.

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Every teen deserves to feel the confidence of a beautiful smile. To find out which treatments are right for your teen, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weiss.

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