Cosmetic Dental Procedures for your Smile!

It’s no secret that having a great smile is something that can affect a person’s life. Did you know that a study has found out that more than 40% of young adults and professionals see life as less satisfying just because of how their teeth look? Thanks to technology, we now have cosmetic dental procedures that can help resolve that.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” Now that just doesn’t apply to girls alone. Men having that perfect smile is a real gamechanger, both in confidence and how they present themselves. Having a great smile can completely change the way a person looks and feels.

But the truth is, it is not always easy to know how to get a better smile. If you are reading this, then know that the Art of Dentistry has got you covered. In this article, we have nailed down then top cosmetic dental procedures that will certainly bring out the most perfect smile of yours. Read on to find our top 8 popular procedures. You deserve it!

Does a Smile Matter?

The answer is a BIG YES! A person’s smile plays a big role in promoting self-confidence and the way how you see yourself. Not only that, others’ perceptions of you could be based on your smile. Someone’s likelihood of landing a job could be based on his or her smile, and studies have shown that young people think that their ability to nail an interview is reliant on their teeth.

While that could already be a big concern itself, a good smile actually goes beyond just looks. A lot of people today experience uncomfortable chewing or biting because of dental problems. And that doesn’t stop there, as these conditions could actually lead to serious oral health problems along the way.

Nowadays, people are discovering cosmetic dental procedures as an answer to these oral health concerns. Because your smile matters, you can now have your teeth brightened, straightened and reformed!

How to Get a Better Smile

If you are thinking of ways on how to get a better smile, cosmetic dental procedures offer you plenty of options. Dental professionals have developed new techniques that make it easier to boost one’s oral health and help them get that perfect smile.

Here is the Art of Dentistry’s top 8 cosmetic dental procedures that are sure to help you get  perfect pearly whites:

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can lose their lustre over time. With the consumption of tea and coffee and even smoking, stains can appear on one’s teeth and give stains affecting a person’s smile. But teeth whitening can restore or brighten a person’s teeth. This type of cosmetic dentistry uses chemical treatments to lighten the colour of teeth.

Dentists can use bleach to whiten your teeth. They can also build tooth whitening mouthpieces to help you achieve that white smile. The process usually involves using peroxide on the teeth.  Visiting your dental clinic and learning more about teeth whitening from professionals is most advised.

In-office whitening sessions might be completed in a few visits. Compared to DIY home teeth whitening procedures, you can have perfect pearly whites faster by consulting a dentist and doing this cosmetic dental procedure.

2. Gum Surgery

With the use of gum surgery, your dentist can repair an uneven gum line or gums, bringing them to a healthy shape. By using muscle tissues from the other parts of the mouth, your dental surgeon will reform your gums, mostly getting the tissue form a person’s palate.

If you have scars or gum disease, gum surgery as a cosmetic dental procedure can be your best option.

3. Braces

When you have crooked teeth or have discomfort and difficulty in biting or chewing, braces can be a solution you need. Crowded teeth and misaligned jaws are also some of the problems that braces help to resolve. By putting pressure on teeth, braces help to reform a person’s smile.

They usually are put in place by a dentist or orthodontist. And they’re made up of brackets that fit onto the teeth. The brackets for braces are typically made out of ceramic, metal, or plastic material.

But there are also less noticeable options when it comes to braces. With the use of transparent materials, you can opt to have invisible braces. And in some cases, dentists can put lingual braces in place. These braces hook to the back of the teeth, so they’re more discrete.

There are two stages in the process of reforming teeth with braces. The first is where the person wears the bracketed braces. And next, the dental patient can wear a retainer that holds the teeth in place.


4. Dental Crowns

Crowns are designed to go over a tooth. These cosmetic dental procedures are used to add structure to the teeth. Dental crowns help in giving that natural look and help your teeth function normally again.

With the use of dental crowns, a dental bridge can be kept in place. It could also help in protecting a weak tooth from chipping away. People can also use dental crowns to cover up teeth that are discoloured, broken, or worn down.

5. Dental Bonding

If you have a large cavity or gap in between your teeth, then dental bonding is a good option to fill those in. With the use of a hardening solution, this cosmetic dental procedure fills in those spaces.

Other applications of dental bonding include fixing chipped teeth or even repairing little cavities. It’s also a good way to stop residue from hitting an exposed root. With dental bonding, you can guard your exposed root against a root canal infection later on.

Dental bondings are mostly finished with just one visit to the dentist.

6. Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an intense procedure. But thanks to this cosmetic dental procedure, you have a more permanent solution to add or replace a set of missing teeth.

By first embedding a metal post in the gums that would act as an anchor, the dental surgeon will then fix a crown tooth to the post. This results in natural-looking teeth that could last a lifetime, giving them a complete and perfect smile!

Dental Implants

7. Dentures

Getting dentures is one of those cosmetic dental procedures that can ultimately change the way a person looks and feels. It works by fully replacing the sets of teeth that they have. In short, new teeth, new smile.

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, then dentures are the way to go. It is mostly made out of materials like metal, acrylic resin or porcelain.

Dentures are oftentimes removed and someone wearing it may need the help of a dental adhesive to stick it to their gums. But the good thing about a pair of dentures is that it certainly looks like the natural teeth. It also helps improve chewing, speaking and other functions.

8. Veneers

Are you wondering how to get a beautiful smile that lasts a long time? Then you should consider veneers. Veneers are specially-fitted shells that cover the front of teeth.

They can be used to repair chipped teeth or bring a bright, natural appearance to worn and discoloured teeth.

Dental veneers are one of the most customized cosmetic dental procedures. The dentist starts by getting a mould of the patient’s teeth. Afterward, the tooth is buff and is fixed with a veneer to it. Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain.


Let Us Give You the Best Smile

Art of Dentistry offers you the best cosmetic dental procedures at very affordable rates. With the help of our expert dental professionals, you can have better self-confidence and a way superior smile, 100% greater than before.

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