It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted.  At the Art of Dentistry, we provide personalized orthodontic treatment in our office, so you don’t have to be referred to another location.  Regardless of your age, straightening your teeth can be life-changing resulting in a bigger smile, improved functionality, and better self-confidence.

Benefits of Braces

  • Braces help improve overall oral health – When teeth overlap, it can cause tight spaces which are generally harder to brush and floss therefore causing buildup and decay
  • Braces aid digestion – food needs to be partially digested before entering your stomach. Your teeth play an important role by chewing food into smaller pieces.  If your teeth are misaligned, it can be difficult to chew, resulting in larger pieces entering your stomach and taking longer to digest
  • Braces can help to improve speech – crowded, misaligned teeth can have an impat of they way we speak. Braces help realign the teeth to allow for more room for your tongue to easily move, reducing the slurring of words
  • Braces work quickly and are affordable

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