Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Tooth-colored Fillings

Toronto Tooth-coloured Fillings

For most people, looking and feeling their best is important to achieving a high level of self-confidence. The appearance of an unsightly and obvious cavity filling can make patients feel embarrassed about the appearance of their smiles. At The Art of Dentistry in Toronto, cosmetic dentist Sol Weiss offers tooth-coloured fillings to patients. Tooth-coloured fillings restore the teeth, while still resulting in beautiful and natural look.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Many patients have had a cavity at some point in their life. To restore a tooth that has been damaged by a cavity, the dentist will clean out the decayed parts of the patient’s tooth, and then fill the cavity with a tooth-coloured or metal material. While there are many different filling materials available, dentists now prefer to use tooth-coloured fillings, as they are more aesthetically pleasing. Other filling options include porcelain, glass ionomer, gold, and silver amalgam (mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper). Price and procedure times vary for each filling type, therefore it’s important for patients to speak with a dental professional about the best option for their needs.

What Are Tooth-colored Fillings Comprised Of?

At Dr. Weiss’ dental practice in Toronto, tooth-colored fillings have become increasingly popular. Tooth-colored fillings are comprised of composite resins, porcelains, and silica fillers. Through the use of composite tooth-colored fillings, patients are able to maintain natural looking, “metal free” smiles.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Composites

The most obvious advantage of getting tooth-colored fillings is aesthetics. Patients with older metallic fillings will often have them removed and replaced with composite fillings for purely aesthetic purposes. Composite fillings are easily matched to a patient’s natural tooth color. Since composite fillings are chemically bonded to the natural tooth structure, they also provide strong support. In addition to cavity repair, composite fillings can also be used to repair chipped or broken teeth. Compared to other filling types, composite fillings also require less tooth structure to be removed from the natural tooth. The more natural tooth, the better! Composite fillings generally last anywhere from five to 10 years, but this number also greatly depends on the size of the filling and how well the patient takes care of his or her teeth.

Other Tooth-colored Filling Types

Besides composite resin fillings, there are two other tooth-colored filling options available. The first type is ceramic, which is mainly comprised of porcelain. These filings are very resistant to stains but also very costly. The second type is glass ionomer, which is made of acrylic and glass material. Glass ionomer is commonly used for young children and for below the gum-line fillings. This type of filling usually lasts five years or less and therefore is not as desirable as other tooth-colored options.

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Sometimes, cavities are too large for a simple filling. At The Art of Dentistry in Toronto, dental crowns are offered as a treatment option for larger cavities. From fillings to crowns and everything in between, Dr. Weiss and his expert staff are ready to help patients with all of their dental needs. Contact Dr. Weiss today for more information on how patients can improve their dental health!

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